Hotel Dlouhé Stráně - ubytování - Kouty nad Desnou - Hrubý Jeseník - Jeseníky

788 12 Kouty nad Desnou, tel.: 583 235 133, tel./fax: 583 235 172, e-mail:, web:

Hotel Dlouhé Stráně
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Possibilities of the recreation at the hotel

Hotel disposes by a large sport and cultural back area.

Internal equipment:

  • Sauna with a small swimming - pool with a possibility of massage ( masseuse is present all the time)
  • hotel fitness
  • 8 tables for table-tennis
  • 2 playing tables for mechanic football
  • 2 cannons for adults only
  • 1 billiard with bill - holes (Russian) for children and the adults
  • small and big clubrooms with TV or without TV
  • cinema hall a possibility of video programmes
  • library
  • tavern with a possibility of the dancing evenings (hotel music of its own), out of season is possible to order these dancing evenings by phone or by fax before the arrival to the hotel


Outdoor equipment of the hotel:

  • Playground with the asphalt surface for ball games
  • Russian skittles
  • popgun shooting-range
  • swings, climbers for children
  • fire-place with the sitting
  • paintball
  • petang

in winter

there is a hill by the hotel suitable for sleighing and skiing of the pre - school children, 500 m hotel tow ( 350 m long one )with night lighting and buffet, there is a ski - school and nursery school at the hotel. 

Sport equipment hire:

  • ski, running ski, sleigh, mountain bicycles, popguns, balls…..

Musical instruments hire:

  • 2x guitar, accordion...





Hotel Dlouhé Stráně, s.r.o.

788 11 Loučná nad Desnou - Rejhotice 72
recepce:  +420 587 570 111 

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